1. Bro weed dont grow like that. Where is (marijuanacon)?? I made pineapple express. Natural canvas with water base paint. My crayola from 2004. House is for sale online for a view of the painting. 606 Swink Ave Rocky Ford, CO 81067. You can flip it.

  2. Hey Bill, awesome content and what a beautiful girl you got there! Could I please just ask for a couple of advices from the master? Im looking into buying GG#4 for my 31"x31"x62" tent and have a 600w led. Should I get 2 or 3 gallon pots? And was thinking about 3 to 4 plants… but now it seems too many for such a space, having seen yours! Thanks man🙏great vid!

  3. Looks great, mine smells sweat n earthy as well and super frosty I find with the pheno I run I get those purple stems and leaves even from my super healthy cuts, gotta be in the genetics.. just throwing this out there I have notice that everybody that i know adds diff sugars whether molasses, honey comb, bud candy, sugaree etc all have a diff aroma at the end even all from same cuts

  4. Question, i have recently found seed in my garden, i think one or two of my plants turned hermie. Can they effect all of the others or do they usually just effect themselves. I have seen several plants with seeds forming. My room was 85F at times, using CO2, now i dropped my temps down to 77F. Are they all hermie now? Should i remove some of the strange looking ones. They are in week 4 of flower and two of them have stretched like 30 inches and those are they ones that look funky. They have bud sites all over them but are not really filling in like the rest. Is it to late to do much about and should i just leave them alone and harvest what i can. If i do not find the culprit will it only get worse.

  5. how tall does this strain grow anyway? i only have like 6 feet of space for height and thinking i am going to run out of height on my grow they are on day 7 or so of flower had problems so i did veg probably longer then i should have but damn not sure what to do

  6. I know this is older but i have only been following u for a couple weeks trying to watch all of ur videos to catch up, i learn alot, and im loving the channel ! U said u water everyday till run off ,but i think i would be worried about over watering, is that ever a problem that u have?

  7. Hey bro I wanted to ask you.if you don't mind.now is? After you transplant and you wait afew days how much maxibloom did you use befor you went full strength? Like tsp per gallon? Or Tsp? Per gallon? Thanks for all your help

  8. How do the inkbird rh/temp sensors work? They seem so cheap for what they do, so I was wondering if the cheap price means you get a cheap product? Please let me know. Also does it have a sensor you can put in the middle of the room/tent?

  9. In your professional opinion, what is the number one attribute to you stacking up the trichomes like you do? Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. You are producing some of the nicest plants I've ever seen in my life. I've been growing for 30 years now but I have gained more knowledge in the last 6 months then I have the Whole 30 years. Once again thank you for sharing.

  10. Thanks Bill for your video….are very interesting and you speack good,i can pratice the english whit you….thanks two time!!!!one for contenut and second for lenguage!!!!!!best regard to italy!!!!!!

  11. You probably don’t care but I’d like to offer a recommendation. Try the Honeywell Turboforce oscillating desk fan $25. It’s kinda like that green one but with an oscillating base.. take the clip off that clip fan and figure out how to put it on the Honeywell.. might need a long bolt from Home Depot or the auto parts store.. A stronger fan will help grow a stronger plant..

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