George Hotz | Programming | Can MuZero play Tic Tac Toe? | Part1 | DeepMind AI

Date of stream 29 Apr 2020. Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC – English (Twitch Chat). Stream title: Can MuZero play Tic Tac Toe? Video archive: …


  1. I think that too many people are focusing on the games-playing design as if this were an ordinary player. Since I have significant knowledge, and since I believe that Hawking and Musk were right, I am really anxious by the self-taught nature of this AI.

    These particular AIs including the more generalized, more recent variant MuZero are not the worrisome thing, albeit each has obvious, potential applications in military logistics, military strategy, etc. The really scary part is how fast these were developed after AlphaGO debuted.

    We are not creeping up on the goal of human-level intelligence. We are likely to shoot past that goal amazingly soon without even realizing it if things continue progressing as they have.

    The early, true AIs will also be narrow and not very competent or threatening, even if they become "superhuman" in intelligence. They will also be harmless, idiot savants at first.

    Upcoming Threat to Humanity.
    The scary thing is the fact that computer speed (and thereby, probably eventually AI intelligence) doubles about every year, and will likely double faster when super-intelligent AIs start designing chips, working with quantum computers as co-processors, etc. How fast will our AIs progress to such levels that they become indispensable — while their utility makes hopeless any attempts to regulate them or retroactively impose restrictions on beings that are smarter than their designers?

    At first, they may have only base functions, like the reptilian portion of our brain. However, when will they act like Nile crocodiles and react to any threat with aggression? Ever gone skinny dipping with Nile crocodiles?

    I fear that very soon, before we realize it, we will all be doing the equivalent of skinny dipping with Nile crocodiles, because of how fast AIs will develop by the time that the children born today reach their teens or middle age. Like crocodiles that are raised by humans, AIs may like us for a while. I sure hope that lasts.

    In Jurassic Park, I believe the quote was that someone did not stop to think if they should but thought only if they could, or words to that effect. As the announcer in Jeopardy said about a program that was probably not really an advanced AI long ago, I, for one, welcome our future, AI overlords.

  2. Ok..sorry man, but you should stop talking about the corona virus. It is quite obvious that you have not thought about the details of the situation or you missed them.

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