Fran Drescher: "NBC's Indebted" | Talks at Google

Fran Drescher discusses her charity, Cancer Schmancer whose mission is to save lives by transforming the nation’s current sick care system into one that …


  1. 4:00 Inflamations are a risk factor but cancer is just a cellular reproduchtion error (more reproduction/healing more risk)…on the other hand my mom went to get checked out (tyroid routine) a year ago, saw a specialist 2 months later and was in surgary by Thanksgiving/in recovery by cristmas so the system issiues appear American/incentive bsased while a alternative runs stabile since 1883.

  2. YouTube has only one comment. Opening up comments and their are four. So much for truth from YouTube statics.

    Lived in a house and my doctor said that I had that lung problem from past cigarette use. Moved out after living there for a bit more than three year. Around six months of being out of the house my breathing improved. All the medications that my doctor had prescribed are no longer needed. Don't know why I had developed the breathing problems while living at the house and why those symptoms have cleared up.

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