Family Fights for Father's Freedom After He Receives 2 Life Sentences for Nonviolent Crime | NowThis

A father with no prior convictions was given 2 life sentences for non-violent, weed-related crimes. 25 years later, his family is still fighting for justice. » Subscribe …


  1. Laws change yet those imprisoned by the old outdated laws & sentences are left forgotten or deliberately ignored & denied. For too many the punishment never fit the crime to begin with. "Justice system"? Hmph… Let these people & their families be free! If you don't care about the people, perhaps care about the overcrowding and overwhelming costs to the states & country to imprison and keep imprisoned. Priorities?

  2. One thing missing from this story is that he was found guilty of importing and distributing approximately 790.000 lbs of marijuana and hash and in turn laundered proceeds from the drug distribution.

    He wasn't just a father smoking pot, he was an actual druglord according to his files.

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