Episode 59: Identifying Deficiencies in Cannabis with Paul Cockson

There’s been little to no research on what nutrient disorders look like when analyzing leaf tissue on cannabis. Paul Cockson shares his recently published paper …


  1. New to the podcast! I would love to see an ep. on various methods of plant training. Topping, Super Cropping, L.S.T. and the science behind what is really going on at a microscopic level.

  2. Thanks for the interview Tad! Just glanced over the paper. I am correct to assume that Ni and Cl were left out of the "complete nutrient" formula that was utilized as the baseline regime ?

  3. Thanks, been rewatching episodes…until now!
    About 50 minutes in and I’m much more thankful for this podcast then I previously was. A lot of misinformation on this topic and You picked a person that on my opinion can speak about it in a easy to understand way and when the answer does stretch you do the listeners a favor and sum up the Answer again, which I feel is priceless.

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