Video #3 in this AWESOME series!! Today we are talking all things condiments!! This can be a HUGE points sucker!! Enjoy!! XO EAT THIS NOT THAT – LUNCH …


  1. I cook some veggies in chicken broth instead of butter and it is SO GOOD! I don't even miss butter or the spray. I don't need to even add salt! I use the FF low sodium versions.

  2. I take the point hit for honey since I rarely use it. Just right around allergy season I buy a bottle of local honey at the farmers market to help me with my allergies. I put a tsp in my tea when I have it.

  3. I found spray olive and walnut oils at sprouts at good price. Also, starbucks has monk fruit/stevia sweetener packs (dark green) that taste as good as sugar. I think walmart has them in packages too. Lots of good food ideas in your video, Jenn 🙂

  4. 4% cottage cheese is a great sub for sour cream and also for cheese in many dishes. It’s delicious and creamy, and when you use only a few tablespoons at a time, it’s low in points.

  5. Thank you for this video. I love the no sugar added ketchup. I have regular ketchup in my fridge however. I use light miracle whip. I grew up on it. I lost 3.2 pounds in my first week back on ww. I don’t like fat free dressings.

  6. Loving your video content! I’m with you 100% on the fat free dressings. 🤮 blech!! I would much rather take the hit on points and use a lesser amount of one that I actually like …..because for me the salad is all about the dressing!!!

  7. Quick question on the bars you order. What kind do you suggest specifically? I noticed that the shipping is 7 no matter how many you order up to like 20. It is pretty costly but I’d love to try them. So, my question is what kind and how many individual ones do you suggest ordering at the time ? The heat and go ones.

  8. You always have the most informative videos.. when I need ideas I directly go to you. So many great WW youtubers out here but not as much info in their vids. Thank you!

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