Drink Your Weed: Is Cannabis the Beverage Industry's Next Big Thing?

From hemp-based sports drinks to cocktails that get you high, science has finally cracked the code to making #cannabis beverages that don’t taste awful.


  1. drinking alcohol has been around for ever due to people not having clean water. it was safer to drink booze it's technically sterile.
    If i was a peasant in England id rather drink booze then the nasty water they had.

  2. Just wanna mention! That the stigma of cbd and thc preventing vomiting if false!!. Thc and cbd can sooth a upset stomach.. but literally theirs have been many times where as I was getting keyed aka super drunk and high.. I've always went completely on a OD puke survival when my body thought it was neccessary. I cant remember 1 time I never smoked white drinking.. I was initially a pothead before I became a alcoholic.. 👌 just clarifying that..

  3. Cannabis isnt gonna be the next thing in the beverage industry. Literally we put weed in our food like cookies and muffins and we all knew what happend to the guys who made those. Cannabis is only good for smoking and we should just leave it at that.

  4. Sure come to San Diego unregulated illegal dispensaries all over! It's a crapshoot! Drinkables? Look and see what's in them that could hurt you! Not THC! But chemicals!

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