Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green Compilation: "Our Best Hope for Curing Cancer"

Despite all of modern and alternative medicine’s best approaches, nearly 9 million cancer-related deaths occur every year due to cost, access, and efficacy of …


  1. It does my heart good to see hope for those who suffer with Cancer! God has blessed you Hadiyah Nicole Green! Many cheers for you! Sorry for your lost! Thank you for your loving compassion!

  2. Here are a few scriptures of encouragement: PROVERBS 16:19, JERIMIAH 29:11, "ROMAN'S 8:28", PROVERBS 16:9, AND ISAIAH 43:16-19, Please don"t give in to temptation, follow your path; don't be swallowed up by the fish like Jonah. If the Lord has given you a vision then that vision is greater in you than anything that is in the world.

    On a funny comedic note "Resistance is futile"!! us Star Trekkies will catch that phrase.

  3. I pray a hedge of protection on your life. I love you because of your compassion and drive to be that difference we cancer patients so desperately need. I'm holding on not only for myself and family, but to hopefully one day try your treatment and see the miracles the Most High has bestowed through your hands🙏🏿I sent you a message in ig. I pray you see it. Love and blessings to you💛

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