DOSIST ‘Calm’ CBD x THC Vape Dose Pen Unboxing + Review | JULIA SUH

Watch as I unbox Dosist ‘Calm’ disposable vape pen that contains 1:10 THC to CBD ratio formula and talk about the bliss, sleep, relief, arouse, and passion pen …


  1. Lmfaooo weak. Full spectrum cartridges only. Medical grade high. Yes I'm about to flex in these comments. Here we go. Charges up Kai. Yupp I pay $35 for the exotics you people getting taxed for paying $65+ for. Comes straight from the grow warehouse in black ziplock bag with sharpie. 6+ hour highs. Terps on these strains are insane. Sinmintz is some wonderful minty fresh gas

  2. i went to this dispensary store, i asked them to give me a vape as I am new to this stuff, they told me to buy spinach 510 vape charging kit to use with dosist passion, and now i found out that it doesnt work with that, or does it?
    please help

  3. Some or all dispensary’s have dosist now. I haven’t seem em all on menu yet but I know the calm one. I think sleep n bliss are probably the other ones best for me. Calms good whole pen is high cbd low thc. 1st 2 tokes seemed somewhat bigger n no vibration but other times it vibrates. These things seem cool and inside my box was a package zip locked with the pen inside. Cheers!

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