Do You Have Weed on You Right Now? | Cannabis Conversations with Executives

While cannabis industry executives may not be “stoners,” they still consume. At any given moment they may pull out of their bags a diverse sampling of cannabis …


  1. Do you have weed on you right now?

    Well actually yes! pulls out entire line of products he's selling
    And I just have a couple of these opens duffel bag with 14 pounds of bud

  2. My history teacher be like: i have the jack the riper tripper dubble bubble also the vapor rapor its one of my favorite ways to stay mellowie and yeah the tripple nipple but kicker

  3. Itโ€™s amazing to know that a lot of educated and well-driven people doesnโ€™t judge much. I know itโ€™s stupid to compare a country from another but I hope we have the same judgement here in my country. Living in Manila could get you judged by just having cannabis, I hope one day my fellow countrymen realizes the good and the bad, to regulate it and there are responsible people who uses it.

    Lastly, we are all member of the free world.

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