1. Who has done this before? specially for the Rule of Thirds? I have seen so many pictures from people taping anything to the front glass of their aquarium prior creating a hardscape. Dont forget to LIKE and COMMENT this video, it helps more than you can imagine! Thank you

  2. A great idea ! Now I must read on the "Rule of Thirds." I did not expect homework. 🙂

    One question : Do you just wipe the glass? If you use a glass cleaner, what is your preferred choice of glass cleaner?

    Thanks again,

  3. HEY THERE again Jurijs, hows it going. Great video. Love the pro tip Mondays, they help A LOT. Hey, one question I've had for a fairly long time. I'm about to rescape my whole tank (the kind of 60U). I want to add so nano fish and shrimp and netrile snails. But the questions is, is there a possibility that there gonna jump out and if yes what can I do. I already tried putting lids but dosent really appeal the overall view of the tank. Well Thanks again, and see you LATER! 👌🏼

  4. Your rule of 1/3 looked more like 1/4. If you are going to do it, do it right. Quick non-pro tip, place a tiny mark on the glass off screen that you can follow later, to show a real 1/3rd.

  5. I am very nervous about cutting my plants, I am just happy that they are growing at all and it would be a shame to cut that growth. Yes, I know it will make the end result better, but I still need to brace myself before I trim my babies. 😢😰

  6. B…but its Tuesday darn Europeans always getten me messee up drivin on the wrong side of the road measuring with that weird c thing now there days are different im losing it man

  7. How come the lower leaves of your rotalas look so healthy? What do you do to make them look so healthy?
    Usually whennthe stems are so thick and bushy…the lower leaves look so unhealthy.

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