1. Hi from Scotland hi Dean another great vidio love that heating system so glad you managed to get those fencing slats saves a lot of money every thing is coming along great l will use your tips on keeping the greenhouse closed as the wind keeps blowing mine open I told you I started my onions and leeks from seed for the first time I have done them on the window ledges in the house and they are coming along great tomorrow I am going to get cracking and sow lots of other seeds now my knee is healing nothing can stop me now , I was telling one of my sister's about your channel so she is a new subscriber ,great to see the girls helping out ,Dean they are getting so grown up take care stay safe Anne Scott

  2. Coleus is my nemesis, I have tried to do them from seed several times over the last 15 years with no joy, ever! Might try again this year now I have a greenhouse and a bit more knowledge 🤞

  3. A good load of timber there will be really useful. My kelsea just came through only the size of grass atm as im not worried about growing for show this year due to getting married and thats gonna take my time

  4. in over 50 years of gardening, i've never heard the term " knackers " and i've known quite a few leek growers in my time. am i being naive or is the name on par with using wd40 for leek rust? i'm not saying i'm right, but we can all be vulnerable to a good joker now and again. either way, it still creases me……………………..brian

  5. What a score on those fence planks…like gold dust them on an allotment!…cheers for your help on the giant veg group on Facebook…the ‘write something’ box has now miraculously appeared lol!…just about to take over my new plot in Gateshead…I’m buzzing, comes with a mega greenhouse…get in man!..atb kidda, Mark

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