1. Between you and Ana going full stan mode for Sanders, you really showed you privilege and your ass. Now your horse is out to pasture. Lets see where you guys go in 2, 4, and 8 years.

  2. Kyle, it's 2+ weeks before the election now, and I'd love to see you cover how the same people who attacked Yang, Bernie, and Tulsi for getting some Trump supporters have now been courting Republicans on their own ever since Biden was declared the nominee. Hypocrites…

  3. I think you need to consider that Yang also supports Healthcare for all except he would not eliminate private insurance. Government will compete with the benefits until private insurance phases out. Please give time for research before opening this to your crowd.

  4. “The 500,000 people who go bankrupt every year? Yeah pretty sure they’d take the health insurance”

    500,000 sounds like a lot of people who’d take the health insurance, but there are 325,000,000 people in the United States. 80% of Americans are living with less than $100k annual household incomes. That is a LOT more people than 500,000 that are making far less than the wealthiest make. Healthcare will not reach anywhere near the same number of people that a UBI would.

  5. Kyle! It’s not about ubi! It’s about electability vs trump. 2016 Bernie all day. 2020.. totally different ball game!imo. Many democrats center left and independents cringe at the idea of socialism.. yang doesn’t really have that hanging over him. I do not feel confident sanders would beat trump this go around.

  6. Let's put this in perspective for what comes after IF Bernie wins, Bernie wins but doesn't know any crap about technology or the current intricacies of the startup-tech dynamics. He invites Andrew Yang onto the cabinet, and have Andrew do all the work while he takes the credit, what kind of signal does that send to the Yang voters? Lets get even more dirty and get to minority perspective, what kind of look would it be for minority community and children of color that have yet to born, to set a precedence where "after everything is said and done", it ends up being a white dude taking credit while the minority does the work. How will the world's history judge this?

  7. Sanders is not willing to as he has a base that is against Yang's version of UBI and Yang's healthcare policy. It is more likely for Biden to adopt his policies without watering it down as much as Biden would. But 42% of Yang Gang is Yang or Bust. So… that's the uphill battle there.

  8. Kyle I love you man, but you severely misrepresented Andrew Yang. You don’t have to agree with him. But we all know Andrew Yangs ideas are the best. Unfortunately he is thinking about 2030 when most people are still stuck in 2016. I’m yang gang all the way. But it is obvious Bernie is the front runner. I hope Bernie is smart enough to include Yang in his cabinet. #yanggang.

  9. I think Kyle is seeing things a bit too narrow. I think Biden is going to implode imminently, leaving a power vacuum. And the establishment is going to line up behind Pete, Warren, or Bloomberg. I don't think any of them would have a good chance, but they would have a non-zero chance.

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