1. So funny that you had the opposite problem I have as a young bartender 😆 I look old as hell and people always ask what my favorite drinks are and I’m 19.

    Also, restaurant nightmares are REAL.

  2. I've been a server as well and I got the "how old are you because you look like your 12" and I would get insults like "oh you wouldn't know because your just a child" and I would get hit on allllll the time…. very miserable. The only thing I enjoyed was the few customers that loved me and always asked to be sat in my section.

  3. Bartending isn’t necessarily more profitable at every restaurant just sayin. I made so much more than the bartenders in the place I served at! Everyone is just diff I guess. Thanks for the video 🙂

  4. That’s crazy!! Just think how different that day coulda gone if your friend ended up going that day with y’all to get certified!! I wonder if y’all still woulda started officially dating that night!! 😂

  5. Speakin' of petite treats 😉😉😂🥰

    Soo so much love beautiful! I've been a server before, it was a pretty harsh experience for me. Which is unfortunate because I have my MAST, and would love to be a bartender, but due to the past experience, its a bit intimidating. Your video def inspires me to get out there and try despite the past, cuz you never know how many cool opportunities that I may be missing out on! Thx Sasha much love.

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