COVID-19: Trudeau says closures, social distancing possible for weeks or months

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered more assurances that the federal government would help all Canadians through the COVID-19 crisis — but warned that …


  1. A few months while you put up 5G towers. Freedom as we know it will never be same. They will make vaccinations mandatory while they mirco chip us. Is there a virus yes there is. But there is a reason behind all this. Don’t follow blindly, please ask questions stop following main stream media to install fear in you.

  2. I think they are doing a great job. Love out to Justin. I am so proud of his leadership and his presence on the world stage!!!
    However, I think it is more accurate to say that THE PUBLIC ARE ON THE FRONT LINE OF ATTACK AGAINST THIS VIRUS . Our safety, our behaviour is key to stopping its transmission .
    I hope our province will recognize the need for dedicated PPE's not only for health care staff, but for the general public. When hospitals reach their breaking point, which they probably will, the public will shoulder a greater burden of home care for each other, for discharged patients, for sick patients waiting for assessment or treatment. Infected people will still need to go out for groceries, other necessities. Exposure rates to the infection will increase.
    Provincial governments must assure us that personal safety and heath supplies will be available in the next few weeks for all Canadians. Cleaning products, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, wipes, home oxygen and respitators, masks and latex gloves, and other things.

  3. We are already 90 days late dealing with this pandemic. We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES. We desperately need HOSPITAL WORKERS. We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public. We need FULL FACE MASKS for the public. (You must protect your eyes). We need a REAL WORKING VACCINE for the Virus. We need to protect our Doctors Nurses and First Responders… Let's wake up already TRUMPORONA. !!!

  4. I guess we will all find out what kind of person we are…are you a giver? …or a taker?
    People need to band together and find ways to help the situation.
    We are all in this together

  5. I am member of several groups created on FB with the covid-19 as topic. People still don't understand why preventive measures are in place, or lately, staying off the streets and not regrouping is necessary . They are more involved in political debates, at least here in Quebec, than on reducing the spread. Young adults and elderly are not getting the message. Thank you for the broadcasts!

  6. THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS BEST KEPT SECRET. Imagine being a twin or a brother of a large family and having your native status taken away, your heritage. That is what happened to 10,500 Mi’kmaq from NFLD in 2018. When a discriminatory point system was used to penalize those that moved outside of their community. Trudeau, you talk a lot about reconciliation, tell Canadians about this little dirty secret.

  7. What about the foreign students that came to Canada to study. What will happen to them, how will they feed? Pay rent when there are no jobs? Take care of there self? HOW? Till when will there be cure? People are dying

  8. With the stimulus package he gave to Canadians he could have gave everyone basic income and still have billions left over what the government just did they over spent this government dosen't care about Canadians when basic income can be done but they throw money away governments a joke crooked

  9. Someone has obviously been giving him speaking lessons lately, but you can tell he still struggles to speak as the pain in his forehead still shows great signs of distress. They must put slash marks between words when to stop and take a break, to speak in short sentences, just like his buddy Obama was trained to speak

  10. How many people were possibly contagious who wondered across the border and flew in from Italy Iran and China without being checked?
    My second question, those of you who voted for Derek Zoolander, still happy about your choice?

  11. Nice job liberals, no oil money to help Canadians. Are you going to keep giving away our money? Finally closing the boarders weeks to late
    . now the rest of Canada can feel the damage thats been done to alberta .keep up the distructive work. thanks for nothing

  12. At least u guys can still move around ur provinces .. here in 🇺🇸 most or all major cities.. Cities like NYC, LA, Chicago.. other states Connecticut .. SHUTDOWN .. only essential workers..

  13. I do thank those working hard to fight this off but what about students? I myself am supposed to be finishing high school this year but how am I supposed to finish my education when I can't even step outside. A lot of students in my grade are devastated, we can no longer see our friends nor have the chance to say goodbye to them. It's taken away what makes life enjoyable for the majority. Students can no-longer continue their education. For children of young ages how is social isolation going to help them develop social skills? Or important people skills. It's only been a few days but this self-isolation is really taking away a lot from us. We no-longer have a social life. Do something about this. By taking away the norm it's only adding oil to fire creating only more panic.

  14. all around the world they are testing malaria drugs and HIV drugs that are promising…yet, being Canadanistan retrograde potatonaziland we will wait a few weeks,you know, time to let it fester and spread instead of making our own tests and announcing it to the people. expected.

  15. The only way to get rid of the virus is for everybody in Canada to be locked down
    Social distancing is not going to work China already tried social distancing and it didn’t work that’s why they went into lockdown Canada needs to get their head out of their butt and lock down we need to kick this in the butt now this is no joke

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