Corrie Yelland – Cancer Survivor at CannaFest 2016

– Corrie Yelland was diagnosed with Anal Cancer in July of 2011. She was given 2 to 4 months to live and faced with terrible side …


  1. Check out the hundreds of testimonials on Cannabis Health Radio. Many of them are uploaded on YouTube. I don't know why it doesn't get traction but I think the reasons are found inside of the testimonials themselves. So many stories of family members who will not talk to their own kin when they decide to break with conventional treatments and use cannabis instead. The "death wish" reaction isn't just from doctors it's parroted by families and friends just as well. In a sane and rational world that actually believed in conventional medicine as much as it pretends to, anecdotes like Ms. Yelland's would shake the earth, would shake the stuffing out of the status quo of health care. With big money comes big belief. There's no money in helping people though that would just be wrong. smh

  2. Wow Corrie, thank you for everything you do. I am hoping for a miracle for my BeLoved man who has esophagial cancer using oil. Surgery and chemo do not look like good options. So worrying and feeling helpless.

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