Global cannabis culture leader, #Cookies, opens flagship store in #Modesto; it’s 7th dispensary opening in 18 months. Store located at 1944 West Orangeburg …


  1. People are dumb waiting in line get out of here I make one call my boys here in 10 minutes with the variety pack for cheap all the people going to the cub our lanes overpriced getting robbed I laugh at people like that

  2. All these people are groupies buying weed from the club get out of here get my weed from the streets great and lot cheaper plus burners fell off the rap game awful as fuck and he act like he's black

  3. Honestly I wouldn't wait in line to buy Cereal Milk but I love to see the brand expanding and hopefully franchise into a McDonalds of medicine shops.

  4. Lmao waiting in line to buy weed, couldn't be me. All of these people are clowns. Including berner. "I'm really a dope boi u just listen 2 berner"
    Bro fuck Modesto and fuck cookies lame ass cereal milk and cat piss lmao

  5. Bud better not be dry asf. The other local dispensaries are selling old dusty weed disrespecting the name.

    Synopsis: Weed is a bit dry. Even for being fresh. Only a month old but still sticky.

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