CBD Oil Will Be Sold in Hundreds of CVS Stores

Over 800 stores will carry CBD products, which CVS will market as a “relief source.” That is nearly 10% of all CVS locations nationwide. ▻ Subscribe for more …


  1. Pretty sure it won’t be real CBD, or at least won’t be in correct strengths. Too many companies are selling plain hemp oil as CBD, or oils with so little CBD it’s not beneficial at all.

  2. I sell this from my vitamin company. It a new product anyway I was selling it on eBay and they took it off as a violation ( drug paraphernalia ) so I called and said there’s no THC. One guy said you’ll Be able to put it back on soon. Then I called back again and that guy said no doesn’t matter that they’re just not gonna let anybody selling it, but I still see some on there. So idk what the deal is 🤷🏻‍♀️

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