Cannabis News – More on Marijuana Use and IQ | Ep. 584 | 01-30-2020

Joe Klare discusses marijuana use and IQ, adult -use cannabis in Illinois and a marijuana company sponsoring a soccer team in Detroit. 1-30-20 – Ep. 584 | The …


  1. In Illinois some dispensaries are having Medical Mondays and if you are a medical card holder you get Priority over recreational users and grt to Cut the Line and go to the front of the line.
    Also since the role out or MMJ in Missouri and since the role out is taking so long. Illinois has allowed Missouri card holders to purchase medicine there untill the Missouri dispensaries come online. After that you can no longer get the medical discount if you are a Missouri card holder.

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  3. Hmm Before Joint iq 130 & After 140+ LOL & Then I SMOKE 2 MORE.Hmm Helps Kids who have been Beaten by bad cops to chill after they get out of hospital from 2 days unconscious & get PST post stress Trauma.Adult cops shout not beat children 16 with 45 and play russian roulette on them. 1970 s

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