Bud Washing HOW TO + When To Wash Cannabis, Technique Opinion

Today on Lex’s World; harvesting Cannabis and the bud wash technique; is it safe for plants and trichomes, how to do it and what I think of it. Visit my Grow Gear …


  1. This gets alot of flack but mostly from people who have not even tried it in first place. I had some sour diesel 😋 I grew and long story short at chop it got dirt on one of the main kolas. It might not have hurt anything but I didn't want to hand em up with higher chance of mold setting in from the dirt. I put the bud in Mason jar covered with water 💧 trying to get out all air bubbles best I could. But aside and let it sit changed water every 24 hrs and let me tell you you would be surprised how dirty the buds actually are. 👀 after 5-7 days water came clear and bud faded in colour due to water leaching dirt, hair and chlorophyll. Dried as usual and no tricomes lost contrary to what you might think. Compared to the air dried and cured flower there was no comparison, the air dried was way more Terpy and tasty. This is because there are water soluble terpines lost in water cure process. This is what I personally did not like about this method. If you have some buds with mold and you can't take the loss this is what to do in that case as your losing already. Makes it safer to smoke. Its also good if you need smell toned down and want to smoke cured bud not just dried as this does cure process in 5-7 days. Smoke is flavour less and smoother for inhale. This is what I found. Help a bother out with his channel and give opinion on my garden? Trying to get channel popping. https://youtu.be/EGlyzzxRmUg🙏✌

  2. Can we get some scientists to do a controlled grow with lab testing? Only difference being half the crop gets washed. Also have a blind taste test after? That is the only way to truly know what's going on in this process.

  3. I have a question i left my bud drying for 2 weeks & put them in large Tupperware still with the big branches on, do you recommend I still wash them or is it too late for this process?

  4. how much h202 per gallon? never getting clones from a friend again… i want to use two 55gl since the plants are 3ft tall. plant therapy is the only help as of now..

  5. Before you eat veggies, you wash them. This product is being smoked, and I'd consider the need for washing to be even more helpful. No more of my allergies flaring up, etc. nice vid.

  6. Thc isn’t water soluble so if you’re gentle it shouldn’t be knocking off trichs. Could increase mold risk but no more than mold. Definitely could help with sanitation and shelf life if it kills the mold spores so idk. With outdoor grows where you’re exposed to rain anyways it seems like it makes sense.

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