1. Time to get off the "looking back" b.s. and start all out supporting the new guys. Negative comments just lead to more internal dissension and infighting. We don't need that again. Yeah, its good not to have blinders on but the past is exactly that – the past. Or are you just another talking head that will say anything or put in a headline for click bait?

  2. Real quick, and just for fun. I did a comparison. A comparison about the other most hated Browns owner Art Modell. Maybe for fun you can look up other important facts about the 2. And relay them. But here's to get you started. And remember the line between the Courtier, and Julius in remember the Titans? Attitude, reflects leadership. Leadership at the top. Jimmy. The other spectrum is Analytics. I suggest watching a clip from North Dallas forty where the Great Matuszak tells a coach about analytics. YouTube it, its called its a sport, not a business. I know youll enjoy it. NOW, REAL QUICK IN THE FIRST 8 YEARS BETWEEN THE 2 OWNERS. Art had 2 head coaches, one being Paul Brown in which he fired, but only 2. Jimmy? 7 head coaches. GMs? I didnt look up. Arts record was 84-38. Jimmys 21-75-1. 3 games a year??? Art made the playoffs 5 times winning it all in 64. Jimmy? Nada. The 6-10 record from last year was Jimmys second best season ever. and he fired the Coach and GM? Jimmy in my book has past Art , Art wanted a stadium, thats all. Jimmy has one. Art lost money as a business man. Jimmy stole money as a business man. The Browns are doomed because? attitude reflects leadership. He dont care if he wins, he gets a nice Revenue check every year, and he knows dumb ass Browns fans. Us! will always support this team. I dont feel like a fan anymore. I feel like a unhappy customer, not getting what I paid for. If we are gonna support the Browns, and This idiot Jimmy? We have to forgive Art. As painful as that maybe!

  3. We keep doing the same stupid thing. To wit, after a year or two we fire our management team and bring in a whole new set of characters. The new management/coaching hires promptly create a bunch of roster holes by trading or releasing the predecessor regimes high draft choices because they in no way want to win with their predecessor's players. So talented guys like Danny Shelton, Joe Hadyn, Jason McCourty, Demario Davis, Mitchell Schwartz, Pierre Desir, Jabaal Sheard, TJ Ward, Mike Adams, Tashaun Gibson, and Alex Mack to name but a few are either released, traded or allowed to walk away for nothing near equivalent fair value received in return.

    This happens in spite of the fact that Cleveland G.Ms and coaches inevitably come into a situation where there are already plenty of gaping roster holes that need their more immediate attention. In part it's a matter of ego. They want to win with their guys and only their guys, so if they just filled the holes and started winning, they simply would not be satisfied or feel they had done enough to write their own ticket. And that, of course, is their number one goal.

    The other part of the equation is their unwillingness to spend even a nickel more for talent than what they believe to be that talented player's market value to be. So if they have a player who they think is making "too much money" they willingly replace that excellent-competent player with a replacement level guy scrub, even though the organization is nowhere near bumping up against their cap space and the roster is severely dalent deficient to start with.

    And of course they sell it as realigning the organization along the lines of "their vision".

    Inevitably this means an utterly horrible first year because the roster has been stripped of whatever talent it had when they came in. The second year is bound to be an improvement because some high draft choices and free agent signing occur, and everyone then takes a bow proclaims the Browns are "aligned, and on the right track". This usually buys all but the most incompetent management team a third year. And usually that's where the roof falls in because the roster is simply not that talented, and the management/coaching team is simply not talented enough to stock and coach up such a depleted roster to playoff level with 2-3 years of drafts and free agent signings.

    Whereupon, the now old management team is replaced, and the factory of sadness starts another production run. This cycle has happen 6-7 times since 1999.

    That's why next to impossible to be a Browns fan or to believe in any Browns management/coaching team. Every one of them will play the same cynical game, and put the same crappy product on the playing field. They will, however, be at least $40 million under the salary cap. Guaranteed.

  4. SI just had an awesome article on Andrew Berry. Look it up guys, really good stuff on what we might expect from the guy and separating him a bit from all the bad in that 1/31 era.
    Here's to hoping that we all look back on this hire as the single best thing that ever happened to the Cleveland Browns. Go Browns!

  5. I don't care who they hire. How these newbs handle the draft will tell you more. The glaring hole is the O-line and DBs, maybe a backup QB. Give Baker some competition back there! And ultimately none of this matters until they hit the turf on game #1. We clearly know pre-season means jack in CLE.

  6. I think it is a good hire, i hope he does well. He played role in getting Nick Chubb, and Miles Garrett. I am glad they are aligned. I think if the Browns could now go for some stability and build out the rest of the team

  7. I like it cause one thing you cant say about that regime is that they didnt have us in a great place under the cap. They made it to where Jon Dorsey could make all the moves he made.

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