Brass Knuckles 900 mAh Vape Battery Unboxing and Review

Hey guys this is just a little unboxing and review of the brass knuckles 900 mAh vape battery. Please subscribe and check out the rest of my channel.


  1. Brass Knuckles is absolute trash brand. I bought both the rose & the gold & they both broke, the second one after only a week. I take good take of my things. Never dropped it or left it outside. Don’t waste your money

  2. Horrible battery that's thick, doesn't have any weight, and its internals move freely. These should be sold for less than $10. Not $20. The casing is metal i'll give it that. And it looks nice and the engraving is sandblasted. But it still feels really cheap when using it.

  3. I feel you could have done a better job informing the viewers. e.g. going over the charging time, what color it should be when fully charged, empty, and needing charge, the thread size. Maybe I'm saying this because I didn't find the info I was looking for in your video. And as I scroll through comments prior to posting this I see the that some others had my same question.

  4. DONT buy this they brak with in a week it will jus start blinkin out of nowhere.. me and my girl were smoking one in bed watching a movie it just stops working and it was brand new wasn't dropped or anything

  5. Had those cheap abx pens that failed me after a week so someone close to me let me borrow this battery (in silver color looks dope), and it’s much more efficient and has worked great so far.

    I know there’s better stuff out there but after my first battery, i didnt wanna risk a similar experience. If this worked for me and hasn’t let me down yet, then i thought i might as well stop searching and get one of these of my own. Sucks that I see others have issue with this battery. Maybe we got lucky on our batteries.

  6. So the battery light when plugged in is green the black adapter has a red light but turns back to green then red then green? My shit ends up never being charged and it’s been two days now.

  7. Literally one of the worst batteries I’ve ever used. Get an Ooze battery or something if youre gonna pay the money. I’ve had this battery for about a week and you can literally hear the button wobble right out the box. It’s not a manufacturing defect because I bought 2 and it’s so insensitive legit you have to spam and press ridiculously hard sometimes to cycle through the modes. Garbage company w/ their nasty ass pesticide infested cartridges 🖕👎

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