Bob Saget's Sex Advice – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

Bob Saget stops by to dispense fatherly wisdom to Nikki and Chris Distefano: 0:00 Nikki and Andrew Collin make the most of a vending machine: 29:41 About …


  1. bob's face is always swollen looking, like he just woke up-but he's probably an alcoholic.
    nikki always looks like she cries herself to sleep every night. we all know that "been crying my eyes out" look.

  2. OMG I wish there was just Nikki and Bob on this one. So much unnecessary tension between 'Bob and Chris who was so boringly defensive and talked like machine-gun about himself. Arrgh. Idiot,.

  3. I’ve seen Saget live twice. Am I crazy or does he seem stoned? He’s always live WAY more energetic and on point. I think Danny Tanner is stoned. With that said. I’ll never forget how he opened his set the first time I saw him. He walks to the mic. Quietly. And just says. “I’m going to get this answered so we can start the show. For all you wondering. Yes. I fucked kimmy gibbler”. 😂😂

  4. I get cold sores when I drink too much, and my immune system is turned to crap… to all of the other people with herpes like me, you are still loved and appreciated, even though you, as me, carry this horrible virus……just sayin..

  5. I get a yeast infection every time a tobacco user goes down on me or fingers me without washing their hands really well first. I totally get what Chris is talking about. It is such a nuisance.

  6. I've been listening to these episodes, but I can't stop
    watching as well–not onlyare the speakers/hosts animated,
    but watching the eyes and reactions of the folx in the background
    are hilarious.

    Watch how they react,
    especially to crude dumb shit
    being said by the guys across that table.

  7. When it comes to drugs I've been around the block but I have never even seen meth. Something that never really caught on here I guess. Our problem is heroin. Tons and tons of heroin.

  8. Bob Saget has some of my favorite delivery. You like pizza, sushi, salads? You name it, call Bob Saget. You love animals? Bob Saget. You like the Aristocrats? Bob Saget. Deadpan. Livepan. Anykindapanyouwant. Bob Saget.

  9. I love how Nikki just Nonchalantly owns up to banging the good looking guy with all the sexual health issues in his mouth (which might explain his funny voice) who still bangs his kid’s mother. I’m just so disappointed. Listening to his excuses should turn a person off.

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