1. dam what am I doing wrong, Just started my first grow, started with seeds, about 2 weeks ago they sprouted, but nothing the size of yours, using a 900watt led in a 3×3 tent, temps low 80;s and humidity 70-80%, ph my water etc but stilll small after 2 weeks.

  2. Hey Justin, A quick question on transplanting please…I've learned that the actual size of the pot/bucket/bag is crucial in influencing the ultimate size of the plant, right? So, how do I determine what size grow bag to use for the final transplant? I'm a complete newb and I'm still theory planning. But say it was a plant in a 36"x36"x72" indoor grow tent with a pretty active 60s/40i strain…Does a 3lb bag sound about right for this setup? I feel like a 5lb bag would be too big, and a 2lb bag too small. Is my 3lb "Goldilocks" thought "just right"? Sweet vids! Thanks and Grow On!

  3. Hey folks how are you all doing, ah I'm a complete beginner right now and would really appreciate any and all help or advice and any tips you could give me.

  4. Good video. Glad you're back! So on that Mykos; The little pieces you can pickup are clay while the dust you see is the actual good stuff. Its a good idea when using it to turn off fans and sprinkle it close to the surface to avoid it being 'gone with the wind'. I like to first spray the area I am going to sprinkle it on with water. This helps it stick and not blow away. Probably not necessary and seeing how the price is good on that stuff, I'm probably just wasting time lol. But us growers get stuck in our ways. cheers. check me out in IG if you're interested. @smileHighcity5280

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