Aurora Cannabis NEAR TERM DESTINIES!! Cannabis Global Legalization and Hive technology review!

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  1. Peltz stock options he recived when he stept onboard for FREE must go up 400% until hes flat on his "investment" = He will not do shit for ACB.. Get your facts straight you fucking pumper noob… He is already a billionaire so why should he put his energy on this sinking ship?

    "Peltz signed up for the job via stock options priced far above current market prices. One has to even wonder, if he has the motivation to find Aurora Cannabis worthwhile deals when his 20 million stock options have exercise prices closer to $8 per share."

  2. I lost so many friends to Over Dosing on Cannabis(RIP), it's a horrible drug. LOLz
    They would snort it & Inject it though a needle, and die foaming from the mouth.
    Oh wait, Nevermind, they just ordered a pizza on their couch and forgot about it by the time the pizza guy rings the door bell.

  3. Hive is an interesting option, for those wanting to get into crypto without paying those super high fees on the crypto exchanges and without going through the hassle of converting fiat to crypto. I expect btc and eth to have a pull back, causing Hive to go down in the near future, but then btc and ETH has a daily golden cross over indicating the start of a bull market for crypto. If this goes parabolic this can lead to massive gains for Hive shareholders .

  4. Small tip – Whenever you show a stock quote, please indicate whether it is CAD or USD, for some stocks I don’t follow as frequently and would be shocked to see a stock that I may be interested in at a presumed 33% discount when in fact it was just the USD quote on the nyse or whatever other market.. most times I can easily tell the difference but this simple change would reduce confusion and provide further benefit to your subscribers. Cheers Gibs.

  5. Nelson peltz spent 0$ to have those options. If acb has 500 million of debt and they dilute to make that debt go away. So be it. Now you have a company who spends 60 million a quarter and makes 100 million a quarter. With no debt. Then survival is guaranteed. Assuming edibles and vape pens are successful. And that the slashing and cutting is successful. I would choose that option vs going bankrupt any day. Imo

  6. I hope aurora goes to 0 to put me out of my misery. If that happens it will be a monumental moment in my life. I am already coming to terms with that possibility. Oh well it's just money.

    8am this morning. Here we go.

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