1. Hi Serein, do you suffer from endometriosis by any chance? I have similar symptoms including the depression and anxiety, bad cramps/periods and it can be associated with Endo. Cbd and asmr have helped me immensely. I appreciate your videos so much. You definitely one of my favorites 🙏🏼

  2. Love your videos and this style. Absolutely hate influencers pushing cbd. There is zero scientific evidence that it works anymore than a placebo and we don’t know the long term effects in the system. There aren’t enough studies yet to deem this product safe for long term use.

  3. I am totally putting this on in the morning time now. I have started trying to do 10 minutes of meditation when I wake up in the morning before the children wake. Just found the best companion ever, thank you for this 👍😘

  4. I wish u coul'd be my Angel, taken by the Hand and help me through my Depression. In a way u are it already to me, by watching your Videos. You woul'd be a great Therapyst for sure. 😊

  5. I am in nursing school and I don't know what I would do if I didn't find your videos! You have helped me de-stress before tests and have helped me after a long day at clinical to unwind. Thank you!

  6. The wearing effect is still very good, and it blends well with my own hair. Not to mention basically no one can tell! Let my hair increase a lot in an instant, this is still very satisfying!

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