1. I really need that cat litter box and any cat litter you have cheap. If you could let me know ASAP. I'd appreciate it. And a cat bed or ur website where I can go to look what u have for sale. Thanks. I love you guys. Hope Stacey is doing well… Many prayers as always 🌟🌟

  2. Hey, I don't know your friend's situation but if he needs clothes, my husband died 3 years ago & I haven't gotten rid of his clothes yet. He was a size 3X, 44 waist, 34-36 length pants & size 12 shoes. I also have some clothes that I've outgrown in 2X & 1X. If they can use any of it let me know. I would be happy to send them on.

  3. To your viewer who sent the clothes and shoes ,You are an angel for looking out for your fellow man <3 My son is a big fella and I know how hard it is to find clothes to fit him. Greg so glad you got such a wonderful gift 🙂 Adam and Staci you two have helped so many yourselves and now your channel has connected another real angel with someone who needed one 🙂 How small the world becomes when good folks get together to help others <3

  4. Considering all the waste we have in this country we should consider passing legislation to make it a crime to destroy stuff store throw away

  5. I was at Kirkland today I was so so upset I couldn’t pick up full length mirror tall the dumpster and a lil bit width then door if I had some help it will be great found about 100 or two dollars

  6. Such amazing clothes and shoes for @Greg.. I buy 3X size Tshirts on purpose to sleep in..the same size my Dad wore. I call them my Angel~Gowns..
    Next time I shop for them, I'll keep @Greg in mind.
    Much Love and Many Blessings for you all. Including the warmhearted Lady who sent all to Greg. 🤗❤🙏✌

  7. Stacy, I feel ya girl with your hand/arm getting tired/sore using a grabber for ten minutes picking out bags of stuff… It's weird muscles you don't usually use 😂 and it's an odd action to learn to use a grabber as well as you do! Some people don't realize, using a grabber isn't as easy as it may look
    PS 'Dumpster stick… Or murder weapon' had me rolling

  8. That was a kind gesture from the "unknown" viewer. There are still kind and giving ppl in this world out there. I think i saw a tear in Greg's eye when he pulled out the Luggs. Prayers to the family

  9. You Guys are Awesome! I wish Everyone in this world would be a little like you ❤️❤️Maybe it would be a better place if people took the time to Give like you guys do keep up the good work ❤️

  10. God bless u Stacy and Adam for sending Greg goodies that was much needed I know he was very thankful for the goodies happy Thanksgiving Stacy and Adam and your beautiful family from my family here in West Virgina we wish u guys happy Thanksgiving

  11. Hey curbside junkies here's a tip for you well Stacey that is tie your hair up in a bun and wear a hairnet that way you will not have to worry about anything getting in your hair enjoy your dumpster diving

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