1. That's cool and all, but my whole problem with the classification system is the strain they test is not going to be the same as the strain I buy. Because there are so many different things that determine how the bud turns out.

  2. I’m a new user and so confused. What strains do you recommend that would be similar to a benzo? I’ve had paranoia with weed in the past but it wasn’t medical grade. I also don’t want to just get CBD because I went to the trouble and expense to be a certified medicinal user, so if it’s available at the local vape store it’s not worth it. Make sense? If anyone has suggestions for a good starter strain I’m all ears!

  3. I love this idea ….I can see on the site alot of strains need filling in but it already has helped me find a few strains with terp profiles that i can visually weigh ….Very Few with Big shapes orange Med shapes yellow and small shapes green or blue ..its like haveing a sleep number for your bed .

  4. As a budtender who has been using leafly for years, I miss the old symbols. I wish it was kept the same. Maybe put those geometric designs somewhere in the corner/bottom with the thc% and grow information?? 🙁

  5. I think the new system is very well designed, but for most of us, consumers, it's just too hard to get. There's too much information assumed to be known.
    I miss the old system. Brief, precise, clear. It's all most of us wanted.

  6. I started growing my own medical cannabis just a few years ago, and it never made sense to me that just the shape of the plant could determine the effects of the bud. This new system makes WAY more sense, to me anyway 😛

  7. The flowers are pretty and all, but they simply aren't as easy to understand/interpret as the old icons. Leafly was always my go-to for quick answers, but now that it's impressionistic art, haha, I'm using Leafly less and less.

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