1. Idk about this one, my brother smoke's alot of weed, hes gotten arrested and gotten in trouble a couple times, he also starts to act like if he was drunk and that, idk weed hasnt done anything good to my family

  2. Please help me. Im suffering in poisoned in my body. Guiltily me for needing mmj. No help. Body us burning. Panic awful. Akathisia mmj is the only thing that helps at all. But I am being denied. Help please. Ita awful inhuman. My doctors did this to me and there's no help

  3. That wasnt the weed man.
    That was just some guy who ate the brownies with the weed man after breaking into their house to get high for free and then drop off a few g's even tho to the weed man they were like half shake and dankshit from last year

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