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  2. How about non bias news for a change, with some truth and actual factual reporting. All your stories are Democrats based and Americans are sick of the bull shit agenda you are jamming down our throats

  3. Vote For Dr Shiva for Senate
    He found Election Fraud
    O’Connor came out of thin air!!!
    Investigate it!!! If you don’t believe me!
    & Say No to Vaccines!!!

  4. I don't know how the country is learning at all, with family members who have to work in order to provide for their families, and young children that have no school, and we all know that school is not just about quizzes and subjects. It's about lettering, social skills, learning about accountability and discipline, learning when to ask for help, a young girl's first crush… Think about all the years you were in school… Now picture yourself at home with no real understanding of what you are supposed to do, and no one there to help you because they have to be at work. Wealthy people are creating these little pods that are basically neighborhood schools that are run by teachers they bring in, and so they of course have the offer as as wealthy people normally do. I am so angry that covid-19. Been adapted to, but rather we are letting it consume us. I used to think that Donald Trump was some kind of dictator but when I hear him speak about our right to use masks, (which by the way can cause a lot of lung damage and can mask symptoms of serious diseases as well as the fact that there's a reason that we breathe out a few feet, or God would not have created that function in our body to get rid of carbon dioxide) I begin to think he could be right. Not him in particular but his advisors in the think-tank that is going on right now. I would hate to say that this is politicized but we live in the real world now and I hope Trump does get elected simply because Joe Biden won't be able to handle all of the things that the Trump Administration has in order. Just the changeover of the presidents will be traumatic to the United States. I am actually a Democrat which is why this is so hard to say. But I asked everyone to think back to your years in school, and how your parents work so hard during the day, and now picture yourself at home or with a couple friends trying to get your education from a computer screen. Never mind the teachers that are out of work who were being paid Pennies on the dollar to begin with. these are great teachers that are trying to adapt but no one seems to want to help them. They are used to being ignored, but even they can't adjust so quickly to this alleged pandemic. I say alleged because there's an opioid epidemic that is going on that is killing three times the amount of people… and these are people under the age of 40. I am very sorry I truly am to anyone that has lost their loved one or been sick from covid-19… But how old were they? Do they haveprr- existing conditions? they didn't deserve to die any more than addicts that have a disease to die or diabetics, or anyone that is sick sometimes by their own hand… but we must must must turn to the future of our country, because these kids are getting an incoherent education, and as I said only the wealthy seem to be able to keep up and if that isn't discrimination and blatant use of the caste system everyone complains about in India then I don't know what is

  5. all lives and that thin blue line thats getting smaller by the dsy need are full respect before we lose all the great ones and are stuck with all the really bad cops tjey are once again setting up the inner city with horrible cops nevermind when there not getting paid its a recipe for disaster

  6. I'm trying very hard to follow your rant about vaping you should really read what you wrote because he's Banning vaping then he should ban alcohol also because vaping kills alcohol kills guess what a lot of lot of children die in swimming pools unfortunately very unfortunately should we ban swimming pools also! Get a grip.

  7. first of all I think you ought to look up the word impeach to understand what you're talking about . you want to Simply impeach a governor because he's trying to save your life from vaping. Seriously impeach him?

  8. The only bias and racism I see in the world today, is the news outlets that continue to shove the words "bias and racism" in the face and front cover just to turn and create bigger problems where there in none just to sell a story! "Impeach Baker! or be fair and ban alcohol that kills thousands across the country each year! Bake has no right to treat adults like children! If we want to vape we will vape! Baker is creating a worse black market system in our state! Under the law Baker can not apply laws to one and not the other! All laws are to be applied equally so if he is going to ban vaping claiming it kills, then he needs to ban alcohol and the sale of it in stores and bars because it kills to and it kills Thousands more people each year than vaping! He is a hypocrite! I dont smoke pot but I do vape and Baker has no right to tell me what to do with my body! I dont drink alcohol so I may live a lot longer then Baker and his family if they drink! I will seek out the lawsuits against Baker and join in! Vaping SAVED my life with none cancer causing Nicotine compared to the 2 packs of cigarettes I used to smoke before being able to quit by using a vape! YOU SUCK and need to be impeached! Booted out of office! https://www.wired.com/2007/06/nicotine/

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