1. Hi, I'd just like to know some things to get a better representation of the yield.

    1. What strain was used and what was the yield from the press extraction?

    2. What was the THC percentage of the strain?

    3. Lastly what was the total amount in grams of the dried flower before pressing?

    Hoping to hear back from you. Really curious to see what those numbers are.

  2. We also use T Check for our oils but for accurate tests results. We use one part ( 1.0 of 99 isopropyl alcohol ) and .5 of infused oils, shake well then we get test results and we do the correct math 1.0 + .05 = 1.5 ÷ 0.5 = 3 x (Results) = accurate mg per ml.

  3. Do you think you could have salvaged any of the 40mls of coconut oil inevitably soaked up by the pucks and lost (started with 60 ended with 20 right?)? Couldn't you squish the rest of the oil out using the smasher? Cool video!

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