3 Easy Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds : Freaks of Nature S2E1

IT’S FINALLY HERE! My BIGGEST episode yet! In the first episode of Season 2, I show all the newcomers how to germinate their seeds. In the next episode, I’ll …


  1. Yo Nate my bru, I got my seeds from Biltong and Buds, thanks for the recommend the other day. Quick one, I was trying to germinate my seeds… I used the paper towel method over the heatmat and all after 2 days had lil tails. then put them on the trays with soil and inside the humidity dome, but after another 2 days dololo sprouting. Im trying to save them by putting the trays under CFL light… do you know what i could be doing wrong or must have patients?
    Thanks for the Vids again

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