Windshield Time: Oregon Supreme Court says police can't use pretextual stops as fishing expeditions

A recent ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court has banned a controversial policing practice: No longer can officers use a broken taillight or a failure to signal as a …


  1. I was pulled over last week in Newberg. Office took my information ran his check and came back said I was free to go. But said he had more questions I put my registration back and was ready to go. Never agreeing to any more questions. He then asked for my phone number and more personal information. I said isn't this a consentual conversation and I don't want to give him any more information. He then said if you want to be like that then I'm going to give you a citation. So yes you must give me all your information he is requesting.. and he just told me before he said I was free to go that Oregon police don't break the law .

  2. This is well and good………but cops with their qualified immunity and don't care attitude will still do the wrong thing. Force them to be personally accountable for their actions.

  3. A good day indeed, great news. Will be keeping a look out here in Texas for Case law and changes. Do you have the name of the plaintiff and defendant that I could use for reference? Thanks

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