1. I'm helped by the CBD cigarettes. The tremors that I was born with go away 50% after having a CBD cigarette. CBD can be used to help people with hand tremors. I also don't have indigestion after smoking the wild hemp.
    I've smoked marijuana before it helped my depression and anxiety go away as well as my hand tremors. I felt more alert and aware of everything going on around me. Good stuff. I was able to fall asleep quickly after getting home.

  2. dont get me wrong these do feel and burn like a cig but the whole reason i smoke cigs is for that nicotine rush..these dont do shit..i jus smoke real weed instead..but overall they still cool novelty..thinking about filling one with my own weed for a true weed cig

  3. Smoking 4-6 of these with a few beers helps you sleep like a baby, have no hangover the next day, you don't want to smoke a cigarette all day, dont get that paranoia, and you get more chill over time.

    Smoke em for a month it's like walking down a mountain.

  4. It’s hemp u can’t say it smells like Reggie cause it hemp don’t call it Reggie it fucking different than thc cannabis it’s hemp it smells different it’s for people who only use cbd or on probstion

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