Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water

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  1. No explanation of which waters are processed or naturally alkaline, Then in one instance he says "dont drink alkaline water", then right after that he says "drink naturally alkaline water"… There's a lot of double talk, shadow speak and unexplained statements being made by this "doctor". Its almost seems like he's purposely trying to confuse the audience and create uncertainty.

  2. There are alkaline machines that ARE NOT ELECTRICAL! Been drinking it for 12-15(at least)years and my kids that are in sports has been excellent. The foods the products gmo are very dangerous. So alkaline water helps a lot. My
    Mom(90 yrs old) use to have issues with her heart but due to alkaline water it has done tremendous healing. Idk about this dr but a do know from experience what works. Use alkaline machines that don’t force alkaline but done naturally. God bless

  3. Hey dumb doctor… We are talking about Ph Levels here whether you drank natural or unnatural water is meaningless. Your body being too acidic or alkaline is a health concern. It is not going to care how it ended up in that state.

  4. Doing video with shocking title just to attract people. So you had one patien who had urin ph 9. What? After he drunk 10 lt a day? I have Kangen water and it saved me from operation.I am drinking it every day from 05/2016 and I have never felt better and all my exams are perfect.
    But of course everybody has a wright to have an opinion and I respect yours.There are alsow people saying that earth is flat.

  5. Dr berg is a beast tho! Thank you lord for people such as him! He has helped me along with flavcity Bobby, has really helped me change the way I eat and treat my body

  6. I appreciate you, Dr. Berg. I always knew about keeping the bod;y alkaline and I really did think that type of water was good. Now I have to rethink what I have been told. It's very confusing. Thank you for your advice.

  7. There are machines that don't use electricity and add minerals back into the water. The pimag waterfall is one. It sits on the countertop with no wires or cords coming from it. The pimag filters and reintroduces minerals into the water. Some people love alkaline water in plastic bottles. (I don't recommend it. There are endocrine disrupters in plastic – especially soft plastic that leach into the water.) It works for some but definitely NOT for me. I tried drinking it a couple times on separate occasions and noticed that my muscles in my right arm and neck started cramping really bad. I had to drink "regular" water to feel better. I think this video is a little misleading. I do believe the PROPER alkaline water can be very useful for people with health issues (as long as they are informed about its use and not to drink it with their medications (I read about why it can't be consumed with medications and dietary supplements but can't remember why because it was so long ago.))

    The least expensive option is to have a filter at home and sprinkle a little sea or Himalayan salt in the water to add minerals back into the water. Some people use lemon.

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