Westleaf to Become One of Canada's Largest Premium Cannabis Retailers

In late-2018, the Pinnacle Digest crew traveled to Calgary to visit our client Westleaf (WL: TSXV). Westleaf is a …


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  2. This video is excellent. Very well done. Professional and informative. Thank you very much for the excellent info with great detail. Not to mention an interesting watch with the landscapes that is not a boring interview in front of a Westleaf backdrop. Great find Pinnacle Digest! Your time and effort informing the public on these great TSXV finds are much appreciated!

  3. Seems kind of like a monopoly to me! They had the government's come in at least in our country mostly in the state of Washington definitely, the government stepped in removed all medical retail because the state doesn't collect as much of a tax from them as they do the just regular recreational retail stores! Also it removes any and all private Growers from the scene because they could provide for medical but for consumer recreational stores they're all government controlled, government ran grow abs removing any and all private growing companies from the table! It's a Government monopoly they don't do this with alcohol why are they allowed to do this with cannabis? All in all it's a monopoly that the government's control and the government's profit from and we the people are supposed to see benefits from all this tax money and yet we don't! This should be something that many people meaning Grover's private ran retailers a field for the common entrepreneur to be able 2 try and make something of themselves but government came in and completely took that opportunity away! All in all it's a government controlled from top to bottom business and this video is talking about the Retailer's making the most money it is very expensive to produce cannabis unless you're doing it in such a massive pretty much assembly line way that the government controls and can afford to do again it will not allow a Samuel Adams quote on quote style business of the Cannabis field to even work through the legal issues along with everything else! When are we going to quit letting government control everything they took the medical section out also because they know how good it is for us and all the benefits that can do for someone medically and they just want to strictly go on the recreational push so that were relied on big Pharmacy companies and yet you still don't see any of the pharmacy companies utilizing the beneficiary products from cannabis! Cannabis is the only medicine out at this day and age side effects don't I have a longer list of harmful things then the damn cancer that you're dying from has!

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