1. Some Topics I wanted to highlight:
    3:11 Clinical Trial Results on Vaping and effect on Lungs.
    10:00 Bad batches of THC causing the lung issues
    15:00 Juul
    17:00 Nic Salts Rant
    19:40 No research done on Nic Salts
    20:05 Why I dislike Juul, vaping should be the end of smoking not addicting a new generation to nicotine.
    26:00 Information of the Tobacco Settlement and why it pays out for you to get sick or die from cigarettes.
    32:00 Clones
    38:10 Juul inside info about 50MG nicotine nic salts being 10x more addictive than cigarettes.
    These are just some topics we talk about, we talk about a lot and I hope you watch/listen to all of this, it is good to know about the products you inhale.

    This video will either bring out the best or worst in people. Please on this channel keep the conversation civilized and to the points. You can disagree with ideas and comments, but don't get personal or you will be removed. Thank you 🙂 On a high note I am glad to see this being helpful to many people.

  2. "One of the products that theyre Allowing to be sold in this country" socialist bullshit. I respect the research about the health issues but it should still be able to be sold

  3. I want to thank the makers of this video for openly discussing this topic as I feel it isn't talked about enough.. or at least in truth. I've been vaping for years and now I have to listen to my family and friends tell me I'm going to die if I dont stop vaping. All this negative news coverage from vaping it's making my head spin. After watching this video, I feel much better and informed about my decision. I know it isn't health however, There is a much bigger epidemic going around in this country killing people than vaping. Thanks again guys for discussing this and helping others become more informed.

  4. I vape THC, but I vape the bud itself that I buy legally. Cannabis is legal here in Canada. Stay away from black market stuff people, it will kill you. Do like the guys said smoke a blunt. I also vape E-liquid, I started vaping to quit a 30 year smoking habit, I haven't had a cig in two years never had a problem with vaping. As a matter of fact my health has improved since I quit smoking and took up vaping.

  5. Thing is I’ve been vaping for 5 years and my lungs are perfect. I’m 40 and I did a fit test. It tests your lungs and will apply what age your lungs are. My fit test said my lungs are the lungs of a 31 year old non smoker.
    Soo I don’t know wtf to do.

  6. Youre country is not the only one, here in brazil we cant import or sell vape and juices. Right now in the congress we have a law to criminalize it whit jail.

  7. I don't encourage vaping of any kind but it's pretty obvious that big tobacco is pissed that the vaping industry is taking all their business. How many people die again due to cigarettes? Why not ban cigs? Also, why very little mention of thw fact that the people getting sick were vaping bunk thc cartridges? Mass media coverage too? Tell-lie-vision This is all too obvious.

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  9. I was just chatting with my coworker about this today at lunch . Don’t remember how we got on the subject in fact, they brought it up. I do recall eating a wonderful steak salad with cranberries on it. I digress

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