“Treasonous” Trump, Vaping Epidemic & SAFE Banking for Cannabis Industry

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins take aim at the political fervor surrounding impeachment proceedings against President …


  1. Only Elizabeth Warren is talking about issues? How about Bernie Sanders. By the way, Elizabeth was the first domino to start calls for impeachment after the original report came out. 😧

  2. Don’t agree with this at all vaping is regulated for the most part the black market isn’t though ppl bought illegals drugs of drug dealers what did they think was going to happen !

  3. What about the rising rate in cigarettes when they came out. This is absolutely ridiculous if you take away e-cigarettes these kids are going to go straight to cigarettes for nicotine delivery. If you think that this is going to stop kids it’s not, your absolutely stupid. Tell me this what can happen if you use cigarettes with 69 different chemicals a that are known to cause cancer. My school counselor recently told me “It’s easier for us to catch kids smoking cigarettes than smoking e cigarettes.” While yes, I agree with that statement the amount of kids that will start dying if you ban e-cigarettes, for that reason, I don’t agree with. Just because 8 teenagers, key word by the way, died from “vaping” where is the information on what they were vaping. When you watch half the videos that want to ban vaping all together online you see that the majority of those videos don’t include the fact that all those teenagers received those cartridges illegally and not knowing what it is they were actually vaping. I’m not sure if I speak for anyone else but my concern for the students at my school will raise greatly, and I think I can say that for a lot of kids my age. Banning e-cigarettes will not stop youth smoking, and will only cause issues to get worse. I and much more people would rather have the 8 people all of a sudden die from vaping than 430,000 a year. I also believe parents would rather have their kids vape then be stuck on cigarettes. Where is the fight in the fast food industry that kills people each year to diabetes and other illnesses related to processed meats and other foods. Vaping should be the least of your concern. I would not doubt that the CDC are being paid to get e-cigarettes off the market. Fast food kills 630,000 people a year and you idiots go after vaping. Yes the majority of high school students are using them. But I can say that 98% of students eat fast food because it’s cheap. Crack down on the stuff that’s actually killing people. I’ll help you make the terrible videos on how fast food kills people. But vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes and it’s proven. Even if we “don’t have enough information” about what’s inside them we know that no one has died from LEGALLY vaping. If these kids are choosing to be stupid it’s a matter of number one, them being stupid, number two, their parents not giving a f*ck about what they do. Ban e-cigarettes and I can guarantee that students and other people will be pushed onto something 98% more unhealthy. I’m sick and tired of seeing this shit pop up on my home page of YouTube because everything that believes all vaping kills you is absolutely an idiot and more than likely doesn’t vape. The amount of people that feel better from vaping than smoking cigarettes is incredible. And the amount of people do vape know that they feel little to no difference in their body from it. If you vape illegal or non FDA approved juices or cartridges, you guessed it YES your going to maybe come out with a collapsed lung or a lung disease because no one except the person who made it knows what’s in it. I disagree with banning e-cigarettes and if you believe the shit that the news says and back them up just because it says “vaping kills” do some f*cking research and use some common sense to analyze what’s actually going on. My school recently played a video of how all “vaping” is bad for you. I 100% disagree and think that it was inappropriate to show this specific video. It is biased on the opinion and doesn’t tell you specific information about what’s going on but instead hints towards the fact that this only has to do with THC(marijuana) vaping. No one has died from nicotine e-cigarettes. I go to school to learn information not to be filled with information and a opinion on something, if that was the case I would be out and already have started my career. There is a lot of you who will probably comment agreeing with me and the other half that will disagree. Let me tell you I don’t give a f*ck if you disagree or tell me that I’m stupid because I spelled or did wrong pronunciation. The only one who is proven stupid is you by wasting your time replying telling me I’m stupid. Don’t hide behind your screen and be a little b*tch, be nice to people because more teenage kids have committed suicide because of the assh*les that do that sh*t online. Guarantee teenage suicide is higher than deaths from vaping. Maybe concern more about the crap that actually matters. I have a lot more to say but I’m not about to type all night. All I’m gonna say now is please do your research before choosing sides.

  4. Trump is the duly elected President. The seditious and treasonous acts can be found in the FBI(the two love birds along with Comey and McCabe), CIA(Brennen), in FISA court records, in leaking Presidential phone call records, and the shameless liar Adam Schiff and Dems trying to undo an election based off of nothing-burgers.

  5. I expect it to be the thc cartridges. Myclobutanil, a residual solvent in clumsy extraction processes, becomes hydrogen cyanide when heated above 350 degrees. Chemists chime in. Permethrin also present at alarming levels. They're incredibly widely available. Seemingly every major city and suburb. Is it Mk Ultra 2k19 or just sloppy greedy bootleggers?

  6. Biden flew to China with Hunter on AF2, Hunter was given a $Billion by the Chinese Government to invest followed by another $500 Million…

    Biden should have just said no after New York Times printed the story in 2015.

  7. It's sad to see you pushing more misinformation about the vaping industry. Completely debunked information that you are putting up. Totally false information, and it's honestly disgusting and disappointing from a network that claims to better than mainstream. You should be ashamed of yourself

  8. I am sick and tired of Donald Trump holding Iran but letting North Korea shoot off missiles this is not cool why is Iran being punished and not North Korea who are shooting missiles I'm not for bad things to come but I am upset that North Korea can shoot off missiles but I ran haven't done anything wrong that I can see

  9. Thank you so much for explaining the impeachment inquiry. I hate Trump but I'm sick to death of people screaming about it when they have no idea what the laws are. They don't listen to reason and how the dems could well be handing Trump another disastrous term by not impeaching for legit crimes

  10. I'm sorry Donald Trump has been breaking the law for over his time limit since he started I hope people understand this and if there any decent people in this world they will come forward they will be my hero right now they need to dotake out this President of the United States he is not a good president he's the worst president we ever had in her lifeplease if you know any information of a corruption please come forward and I will believe in every heart of mine that you are a hero for coming forward this is for every country out there listening to this or reading this thank you

  11. Trump stuck up for the freedom of ALL Americans at the UN where he was surrounded by globalist puppets pretending to be legitimately elected leaders of almost every nation in the world, very brave. No other president has or would have done that for us, for this he gets demonized. Some people really need to open their eyes before they lose everything because they've bought the lamestream media narrative. Do your own research or go the way of the dodo….THINK

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