Time Restricted Eating Put to the Test

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  1. The problem i am facing is that i work nights three times a week (fri, sat, sun). I really don't know what to do about my schedule during the off days. Should i stay on a night schedule as i have for the last five and a half years? Or should i switch to a day schedule during the week? The latter presents the problem of having to stay awake for 24hours friday morning to saturday morning and sunday night (4pm) to monday night (9pm). Only then can i keep a day schedule during the week. Are there any benefits to this or should i stay on a night schedule?

  2. Dr. Greger Sister White gave clear counsel’s on 1st. The eating of every 8 hours. Secondly, no eating in between those hours. For me these counsels have not only improved upon my cognition and discernment but even more importantly my brain feels electric.

  3. I’m so happy I came across this video right now!! I’m actually fasting for 20hrs without even trying I just don’t get hungry in the mornings it’s only in the evening due to my biological clock. And I’ve noticed without me eating a meal and just drinking lots of water I have so much more energy and don’t feel so sluggish and I can work out for 90 mins feeling amazing. But it made me question was I doing it right? But I’m just listening to my body now. This is awesome to see it in a study!! 🤗

  4. I have been eating a plant based diet in a 6 hour feeding window from 5-11 at night for 3 years. I made this change after heart and artery troubles from my previous typical western diet. I went from not being able to walk up the stairs without being out of breath, to now training daily with kettlebells and having no more chest tightening, healthy cholesterol levels and through scanning, plaque buildup in my arteries virtually nonexistent. A great side effect of eating at night, for me, is I lost all my excess body fat and my muscles are more dense and durable then when i was eating all day. I tried eating a plant based diet with normal 3 square meals and some snacks and i could hardly function mentally, and struggled physically ( made me lazy and lethargic)

  5. How does the principle work if working nightshift? If my waking hours are 4pm to 8am, then I eat "dinner" at 8pm as my first meal of the day, does this make it the most or least fattening?

  6. Dumbest video ever! Delete this but you should know (as does the entire world) that Intermittent fasting (IF) which is going daly for 14+ hours food free….. Was proven definitavely to help in many other studies of effect called "autophagy".

    "Autophagy" is the bodies self eating process it uses to clean up bent proteins and damaged cells. It helps eat the wrinkles from your face.

    "Autophagy" won the NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE (2016) – (Just four years ago, your doctor probably doesnt even know breakfast is the worst meal of the day – provably).

    If you postpone Break-Fast/sugar drinks in the morning until 11am and then have your last sugar foods and drinks before 7pm then you allow your body 16 hours of no food which triggers autophagy for several hours daily.

    The 16:8 diet that's called… Even various forms of IF have names like 16:8, 20:4, etc.. google it… learn… then teach. Can''t you take 2 minutes to learn a topic before teaching it? Google works.

    Your video ignores the term Autophagy and the bazillion studies. Autophagy is entirely the topic of time based eating and its effects.

    Why not just come right and say breakfast is the absolute worst meal of the day despite what grandma says… as that would be more truth than this misleading video… one study about a control group where 5 lbs was the pnly benefit. NO! There are many benefits from autophagy and weight loss is but one.

    Are you the only person on earth unaware of autophagy?

    Delete this but dang are you dumb on this topic

  7. OK, I will stop eating after 7pm…but what should I do when you meeting that friend on Tuesday after work, then girls on Thursday, theatre with my husband on Friday…just cant imagine how I can stop eating after 7PM…only if I stay at home and have no social life…any suggestions? It is fine to know the theory but HOW SHOULD I PUT THAT THEORY IN PRACTISE??? thank you:-)

  8. Just my two cents,I have always been lean and have gone stage lean with TRF in the past. I don't like the idea of eating massively early in the day as that reduces my drive to workout,be athletic etc. I'm busy digesting,get IBS and bogged down by food. I also have seen high LDL in my bloodwork…is that really worse than being inactive and low mood due to food?

  9. Interesting if you add exercise to the mix before breakfast (actually dinner) and see what the effect on health is. I know with running I am so hungry after a run and my metabolism is much faster.

  10. I think it's unfortunate that the focus of IF's benefits are invariably on weight loss. To my own amazement, I cured stubborn chronic atopic dermatitis with IF, and I also sleep better now and have more energy. No skin doctor helped me, only IF, followed by a healthy sugar-free diet. I hope others find relief.

  11. The Buddha, 2600 years ago : "I abstain from the night-time meal.1 As I am abstaining from the night-time meal, I sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding. Come now. You too abstain from the night-time meal. As you are abstaining from the night-time meal, you, too, will sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding."

  12. The whole breakfast or dinner results, mean nothing, without knowing any of the times of feeding, waking, sleeping. Are they all eating right before bed? First thing in the morning? An hour later?

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