The Ultimate L.A. Weed Tour

Hanna Dickinson and Jordan Mendoza set out to get high at 10 of Los Angeles’s most iconic landmarks. About Every Damn Day: Every Damn Day is a talk show …


  1. I clicked on the video hoping to get some ideas of where to go when I hit Cali but all I got from this video is I never wanna be around people like this in my life

  2. I honestly hated the editing in this video. The sad thing is that I loved the concept. Unfortunately I feel as if the edit to the video made you guys seem like douche bags. Also although you guys went to the places you mostly just cropped things into the video of your "whaky shenanigans" not really showing the experience and although yes as funny as it is that you got stoned and went to eat like steryotypical stoners… it was just a bad conclusion to the video. A trope to being stoned and eating at the end when not showing most of the places yall guys went made this video look really bad. Especially for stoners.

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