1. Cheap dab carts are merely a black market phenomenon that will likely end with full legalization nation wide. It’s a gamble but for kids under 18 in illegal states it’s the most convenient way to get zooted while trying different strains. Of course it’s also a convenient way for dealers to finesse them dead presidents

  2. glow carts are real when you can scan the code on the box and it pops up showing who packed it , where its from , what store , and on top of all of that most carts are 40$ unless you got a plug like me i only pay 35$ for it but they are good and i love your videos Xcodeh keep up the great work

  3. So the guy I get my carts from spent $10,000 on a machine that big companies and dispos use to purge any bad chemicals in their carts before sale. I now only buy carts from him because the cheapest cart I can get at a dispo is $70 and I can get them from him for $35. He's been a long time friend of my dad's so he gives me a bit of a discount but his usual price is $50 per cart.

  4. Ik everybody always says this, but I’m from Ohio and my plug LITERALLY gets his stuff shipped from Cali. I’m only paying $35, and I verified the cart on the brands website with a code.

  5. Also severely misinformed and underthought when making the statement that "dispensaries care about your health" Some do, and the ones that do might be some of the best places to buy from assuming they actually put the time and effort into vetting all their product. problem is that the rate at which new products hit the market, and the way demand for those new products can eclipse old standards, if a dispensary wants to stay lucrative they have to stock the newest thing, the it factor. If they dont have that then they lose the power that comes with running a dispensary. Note how the process of running a dispensary in a capitalist society automatically precludes the ability for you to offer anything other than mass consumerism.

  6. If you want a good dab cart make your own. legit the only way to know 100% whats in it is to learn the process and produce your own. At the end of the day though, Id rather just smoke

  7. Chicago has these pretty nice legal dispensary vape carts that are licensed, tested, the whole 9 yards. Only cons are that they're expensive and some have to use a particular battery.

  8. You see here in Texas these “slick” plugs just SLAP on that “it’s from” where ever the fuck state that’s legal, price spikes 15 20 automatically 😂 SO I think people getting taxed on regardless so as far as paying 40 or less/more don’t mean nothing.

  9. If Im buying TKOs for 30 a pop but the scan code comes up with a lab test signed by a specialist whos company performed the test and was trained to do so, is it still gonna kill me?

  10. May I simply just say what a relief to find an individual who truly knows what they are discussing on the internet. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people really need to look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you’re not more popular because you most certainly have the gift.

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