1. I like the briefing with the "Signal Corps" footage at the start. Gives it a bit of a backstory. The cone is also a great design and pretty cool. If the whole movie cost $30,000 they probably spent $10,000 of it on that.

  2. thank you for this great film, fun to kick back on a slow morning with coffee. I love how the camera moves off of the darker events, and so much is left to the imagination. Not like the so called horror of today, where they push it in your face.

  3. Truly not great, but there is at least one very creepy scene around 43:00 shows the sheriff and the scientist talking about the roadblock, and the parasite can be seen pulsing under the sheriff's jacket on his back. I've watched this movie more than once, but that's the first time I noticed this little detail. That makes the whole thing worth it.

  4. Hey this cheesy movie wasn't 1/2 bad, sure its low budget and the acting is "fair", but the editing is consistent and its fun to watch. Walter K. Powers was so over the top I love it, and man oh man I want his hat and overcoat!!!

  5. This has everything. Cigarette Smoking, Pipe Smoking, Scientists that look like Clark Kent. Lots of fist fighting. Good stuff here. Felt like I smoked a pack of cigarettes after watching this one. Good stuff. Won't be disappointed.

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