The Best Stocks to Invest in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

To get our FREE investing starter kit (including 5 stocks!) go to The estimates for artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are …


  1. This is my biggest question if you can help answer, is Tsla in competition with Nvidia in any way, the reason I ask is because both produce high versions of ai chips. the only different is one is for vehicles and the other is a graphic card for the video game market so two different sectors, but when investing would this be a conlifict with or another, are they competing for ai chips?

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  3. CODX Makes COV test kits- they are 100% accurate. Earning were up last quarter before Wuhan. MRNA — Will make vaccine for EU in July-is Swiss Company. EBS makes vaccines for other companies that do the R&D. Has a contract with NVAX

  4. I heard someone say something about go founders and onPassive. I seen logos on gas pumps for on passive. Not sure but i think its has something to do with marketing or something. Is this something i can get into? I really like to know. Im ready

  5. Augmented reality – pokemon go
    Overlays virtual content over the physical world
    Perceived environment

    Lookup snake
    Take work from people. Let systems see relationships that people not even be able to comprehend

  6. Hello, Been following Motley Fool for a while and interested to consider investing into AR/AI stocks. Do you have the name of the UK-based company that is 'injecting more processing power into same cycle' mentioned by Seth (his mind went blank) ? Also, the ticker codes of Zilinx and Invidia (not sure I got these right) plus one mentioned in replies : Graphcore. Cheers !

  7. How much is the price to invest in either "Teradyne" or "Twilio". I never did this before:),,, I know I can go to and order my kit and learn everything, but I like to know how much is the minimum to invest in one these stocks, prior to ordering my kit. And would you mind explain it to me in very simple English to understand? English is my second language 🙂 Thank you very much.

  8. I have a question about NVDA. It was mentioned in the podcast and has been recommended by MF on more than one occasion. But there is a lot of commentary out there saying that Nvidia's best days are behind them, and that other chip companies are getting ready to pass them up. Do you think Nvidia has lost their edge?

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