Teen Says Relationship With Married Boyfriend Is ‘Perfect, Definitely Fantastic’

An 18-year-old says her relationship with her boyfriend, a married father of two, is “perfect.” So why isn’t the teen, who says she has nowhere to stay, living with …


  1. Poor girl if a man or woman says oh we're separated but Im waiting for the divorce to go throu or I'm waiting for them to just move out boo boo your just a side peice they don't want you they want their cake and eating it to…

  2. I've been a mistress for how many times before but with a good intention. Whenever someone would flirt with me and I found out they're already taken, btch not gonna hesitate to expose them to their girl. Bcz boys like them don't deserve a girl yknow. Their girls ought to find someone new. Someone deserving. PERIODT

  3. Thats not a designer purse hun. And why marry him when he is going to do the say thing to you. HE IS BAD. YOU ARE KINDA NOT SMART. no offense but your mom is right. The brain cells have slowly disappeared haven't they?

  4. She is sealing her fate. Every drop of evil will come back on her 10 fold. Bet that. She’s a special kind of dumb if she’s been watching Dr. Phil for forever and these are the choices she’s making. And even thought it a good idea to come on the show and represent herself in this manner. If she could change her heart she’d be a pretty girl. Right now she’s hideous. Her mother sitting up there all proud like she’s some kinda superhero. She should be ashamed. Had you been a mother and instilled some values and self-worth in your daughter, maybe she wouldn’t be such a low-life skeezer. She is a product of you, Dummy. Grinnin’ and $hit🤦🏾‍♀️ The wife up there on Dr. Phil with the mistress like that’s her problem🤦🏾‍♀️ She focused on the wrong things. Love yourselves Queens!

  5. i've always said that i may not be the one but i will never be the other one. guys friends are always hitting me up and i respond with 'how's your girlfriend doing?' shuts them up real quick.

  6. “He bought me my iPhone, my case, and this $40 purse…. he does a lot for me” w h a t ya that is life changing wow get you a man that ‘does’ a lot of superficial ‘a lot’ for you o_o

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