1. Ok I love my girls Kat, Dani, Chelsea,cam,Naomi, when I watched this reunion and Madison was just sitting there on that couch with no expression! SHE'S A "NARCISSISTIC PHYSO" You never trust a narcissist! I don't know any woman who would not on camera apologize for what she did when Dani is in tears an I think Kathryn needs to be very very careful with "Madison Manson" I think all of them should!

  2. Madison is sitting there smirking while Dani is crying and the cast is defending her about the std rumor. What a bitch! Shep won’t even say, dude I never told you that which is the worst part because he not even defending he never said he said it was misconstrued 🤦🏾‍♀️😱🙄, which is why I believe it’s true. Dani doesn’t have to go to her doctor to be treated, she could have went to another doctor to get treated, therefore it wouldn’t be in her primary care physician. Then Dani over there on the parking lot blaming the guys not the Madison kissing her ass. I would have punched her in the face🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Chelsey looks 70 years old. Cameron stabs women in the back because of her blinding friendship with PATHETIC Shep. Naomi, who is lucky to be relevant, throws Katherine under the bus while getting sh!t on by her supposed “boyfriend” having ZERO respect for her or chemistry. Desperado much Naomi and for that matter Chelsey with your non-existent boyfriend ?

  4. I wish everyone would stay off Kat a bit. Dani needs to take a stand for herself with Madison cause that girl is trouble who did hit on her boyfriend. Love ya Austin i had high Hope's for you and Chelsea but you are acting like a frat boy so I'm happy Chelsea stayed away. Cam I hated your snobby look at Kat this show. And is true everyone condemned kat for her drug abuse but it's ok for yall. Such a hypocrite like Thomas. He is the biggest drug abuser and drunk and he gets more rights while kat has to walk the line. Wow. But you guys are so sweet and stand together when it counts. Confusing. Can't wait til next season. Wish there were more episodes in a season.

  5. Madison is bad news. Stay away from her. Real trash. And Dani is a sweetheart, but needs to stop playing nice with Madison. Madison needs to apologize for hitting on Dani's boyfriend. Madison needs to apologize for blaming Dani for the crap it stirred up about it. Madison needs to apologize for spilling the beans about the chlamydia and Madison needs to apologize for the way she talked to Dani immediately after doing so. And Dani needs to stop kissing up to Madison. It's a turnoff. Dani is too weak

  6. Kathryn should be siding with Danni and not be friends with Madison. It’s the girl code. You choose your best friend over anyone else.

  7. Kathryn should not trust Madison at all. She is friends with Thomas. She is riding her coattails. Eliza is friends with him but you don’t like her. Girl bye 👋 Kathryn, Madison and Patricia are opportunistic

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