1. Even though the science on right and left brain isn’t exact this does weirdly show that there are two sides of the brain.

    Arin who studied: animation and Gaming plus dropped out of school his sophomore year of high school messing up in math.
    Dan who studied: advertising and music in college for (I think 2-4) years and is great with number but messes up on the controller.

    Arin is artsy (Left brained)
    Dan is logical (Right brained)

  2. As someone who can't even subtract as an adult I'm incredibly jealous. 😔 How the hell do you guys do it????

    All I can remember was all the times my parents would start yelling at me for not understanding subtraction, living with a finance manager (my aunt), and me sobbing because I couldn't even read the question and it stressed me out more to the point of me throwing up. Yeah, it was rough, I'm just happy I don't have to do math ever again. 🙃🙃

  3. It's really bizarre that this game seems so fun. I remember hating math when I was a kid, but idk. The older I get, the more fun math gets. I genuinely enjoyed watching this and kind of playing along.

  4. Fun fact: if you separate the 2 halves of your brain, they'll act totally independent from one another, each side controlling their opposite side of the body (Left controls right, Right controls Left)

  5. I'll show you my math di… because
    It has a size correlation to… And my genita… Really quiete….

    So just… Unimpressive is a word the ladies rarely… So you just. Yeah.

    Nailed it.

  6. Tiny brain: Are you good at math?
    Medium brain: Do you have experience calculating mathematical equations?
    Large brain: Are you fluent in arithmetic, and skilled at applying it to hypothetical scenarios as well as utilizing it to solve challenges?
    Galaxy brain: S̱̝̭̼̬̺͡h͙̦͚͡ow̠̖̲ ̟͕͚͘m̙̰̭e̻ ̙̺͠y̙͔ͅo͏͚ṳ̘͉͎͉͎r̖̮̥̕ ̣̪̥̘͔̺m̵̮a҉̙̪̣̗̰͇t̲̬̪̜͞h̛̖̻͙̣̜ ͠d͓̩̠̬͓͙͞i̥͕̘ͅͅc̺̫͕͓̺̹k̷̲̲͓̻̫͎͕

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