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  2. If alcohol was invented today it would be banned.
    Cannabis is illegal because the system donโ€™t own it.
    Never seen A&E full of people who smoke weed.

  3. Going back to point of people setting up a business and growing their own weed to sell and is regulated.. all I'm saying is the Church in my village in Italy grow and make their own wines other very strong alcohols, where they sell in their church shop. How is this any different to growing and selling your own weed?! Yet it's not looked down upon. It just doesn't make sense.

  4. Jedii.. cut down on the weed, people like you were the reason it was criminalized in the first place…you were the excuse. Your impatience, mentailty, posture is fucking annoying and childish.


  6. Why is it legal to die for the Bankers & Elite in wars, But its illegal in die in peace and on your own accord? HYPOCRISY AT ITS FINEST….IS THERE ANY POLICY THAT WASNT MADE ON DOUBLE STANDARDS. CRIMINALISING SOMETHING THAT DOESNT FORWARD YOUR OWN AGENDA…..I

  7. The point that really should have been made here is that while the 3 main substances mentioned are dangerous the key way to protect people from abusing them is education, moderation and potentially psychological therapy if there is substance abuse. There are pros and cons to all of these substances. Alcohol is dangerous in terms of addiction, abuse, negative psychological effects such as Korsakoffs, organ damage and failure, the list goes on! Similarly cigarettes are carcinogenic, they can cause serious respiratory problems such as COPD, they can kill your taste buds. Nevertheless they all bring pleasure to us. Alcohol is a popular stimulant because it enhances your experiences of an event, a night out etc. People believe that cigarettes have a calming effect (although there is a lot of evidence contrary to this belief) and they primarily enjoy smoking; cigarettes, vapes, pipes and cigars are popular for a reason along with alcohol. Cannabis is not much different from this. It enhances your experiences; sex, food, excursions in nature, television and movies. It's great for people with debilitating illnesses enhancing their quality of life through cancer, MS, even eating disorders. On a plus, as far as we know and since people have been consuming cannabis for literally hundreds of years you'd think we'd know of any truly serious side effects, there are few negative side effects of weed. Yes if you are potentially predisposed to mental illness you should ingest with severe caution, perhaps in small doses initially, or not at all. Ultimately, these three substances have pros and cons. The thing that should connect them all and protect us, the users, is understanding and moderation. All of these substances should be used alongside extensive knowledge on how they will affect your life. Social issues and addiction are often an issue of untreated psychological problems. Maybe if we could break the stigma even further around mental illness and not being afraid to speak up about your problems then not as many people would lean on alcohol, cigarettes and other addictive substances to blur their problems. We need greater education and transparency on cannabis and other substances; like psilocybin. It's a shame there are so many closed minded people with unclear and often unfounded ideas on what cannabis is really about.

  8. The guy with the ponytail is talking absolute shit . His point is all over the place . Total cringy crap . Jedi is wiping the floor with him and he don't even realise lol

  9. Anti-depressents, doesn't help with depression, most it does is mask the problem and numb yr emotions and it
    is legal, magic mushroom tho have been proven to help with overcoming depression, and scientifically proven to create new pathways In yr brain yet it's illegal. It's in the interest of the governments to keep us all I'll, mentally physically & spiritually. Any substance that makes us think deeply about our life is illegal.

  10. This black jack asses looking over a white wash fence with the man bun is the worse type of person to debate with totally confused โค๏ธโœŠ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’š

  11. WHAT A FUCKING CLICHE!!!! A big black man with dreadlocks promoting the decriminalization of cannabis. Jedi spent time in prison, he wants to promote a lawless society so that he can commit crimes and not be arrested.

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