1. Thank you for all the valuable information and the introduction to the supplements, I assume we can find these liquid forms on your website? Also, how do you respond to the concerns that iodine is good for any thyroid problem but should NOT be used by those who have autoimmune thyroid conditions like Hashimoto's?

  2. Excellent video, thank you Dr. Sircus. Would you recommend one do this selenium/iodine protocol every day if one has a thyroid issue (either hyper or hypothyroidism), and also would you recommend one still do this protocol if one doesn't have a thyroid issue?

  3. Hey Doctor do you have any protocol for Autism please???!!!! 😓😓 Can you recommend any supplements I can give to my 6 yr old Autistic son ??? It’ll be so greatly appreciate it if you can make a video on Autism , why it’s on the rise & how we can treat our kids at home by supplementing . Thank you so much 😊.

  4. Damn that stuff is expensive for such a little bottle. You don't happen to know if it can be bought anywhere else do you? By the time i've got import taxes and shipping on that to the UK, i'll be bankrupt.

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