1. Thank you Sevean for t 3 hr program. My late husband an family grew a "natural" garden in Montana..in a spot known in valley 'where not to grow'..did very well. As a part time project for our adult kids had 1 acre on top of glacier rock.plant 1/2 acre , keep ph right on. Wire worms at bay and know what to grow together to shield t other plants..hehe..u just said this!! Omg! But, rest 1/2 acre for year, turning soil and good healthful 'things' we incorporated into soil that past generations family used "to grow" vegies TO LIVE FOR!" WE ROCKED THE VALLEY w our spring medley sold at high end restaurant's…it was one of those Get outdoors, get good dirty!

  2. I needed this one after episode 9 because WOW that one unsettled and shook me. I listened twice to 9 and should listen again. It’s good to be shaken. I’m not sleeping on these long transmissions, they are wonderful and they are a gift. The tree metaphor at the end of this one is just beautiful.

  3. Our original spiritual royalty bloodline were the annunaki aka the shining ones. They are the serpent bloodline. This reptilian thing is all lies and referring to our true spiritual royalty. They demonize anything to do with them they being the EAGLE bloodline. This is the silent war that has been going on since the beginning between the serpent and the eagles. The eagles are our rulers that have lied to us about who we are.

  4. No lie man I be so scared at times lmbo it's like damn the more conscious u become the less u can relate to the world and nobody would understand u even if u tried to explain that your reality has changed from theirs but then u realizebu are only afraid of yourself lolololol

  5. Once again-amazing knowledge being shared. Thank you for connecting the dots on so many subjects and for all of the work you do. Your dedication is inspiring. Wholeness brother❤️

  6. Wholeness! I was thinking about in the Bible it says: A child shall lead them. You are that child. You are not a child mentally but to the ancestors you would be considered a child. Keep up the great work you are doing. There are elders who have been waiting on this teaching

  7. hey seven and friends can you please answer my question about worship in episode 9 comments . also whère do the Christians get their power , is it their kundalini or is from an external God like Jehovah?

  8. I get application of the knowledge learned is the most important part. Until you put action to something it's just a idea. However there are many learning styles. I know for myself that I would retain more or maybe recall more if I was able to put it into action or be more Hands-On with it or even had more one-on-one probably which I know there's so many people out here and one-on-one is kind of like if I can't do that for everybody, but there's a way there's got to be! I know there is! The weaker links need reinforcement, if their removed then the connection is shorter!

  9. …yeah I know I'm sharing a lot….
    But the voices had me so scared of Sevan…. That the *BRAND NEW SHILAJIT * that I just received in the mail…. Had me toss it out!!!!! Can you believe this crap? Some entities are scared shitless of him that (smh) had me believing it. I'm being honest with you all. It went into the trash!?!?!?! I'll save up to get another… It was a learning experience at best. I've been heavily "plagued" by nasty voices and no sleep that… I just ruined my 6 year sobriety. Please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry…

    When I cover my third eye… There are color dots (some larger than others) that flash within eye sight. Also one looks like the purple dot at the bottom of your video. Red, blue, yellow, (purple) some are white. There are lightning waves that run through the vision. Some are "orb" types that cross my field. I'm seeing whole SCENES Though. A person moving through a "room" of sorts a d etc. My dreams are being "hijacked" and entities do not want me to sleep and dream, my natural dreams. I'm only "sleepin" 1 to 2 hours and in the middle of my dream…. I see an image moving on a wall and I wake to my behind the eyes and continue seeing a "creature" moving there and for what reason or purpose??? The actual rest and dreaming I need to wake and feel REJUVENATED has been covered by "the whisperer". This entity is speaking to something called "Keyta" and is speaking to my subconscious…. (Which I can hear) (questions/statements) being asked and answered… Which freaks me out and all the "Waring" ones keep me up. I truly wanna make you and myself proud (I consider you a Father figure) but being 47…. It's hard to work with any of this shit. I'm asking the beautiful TRiBE for balance…. I love you dearly. Also… One entity calls me the chosen one…. I'm uncomfortable with all labels. Even my name. Why does "the whisperer" keep speaking to this (Keyta) that I can hear? Also… Why does "it" keep needing constant reminders of just what was spoken about minutes ago?
    Unbounded Love

  11. Your voice, puts me at ease… Even when I'm feeling like I'm free falling. I love you bunches. Also…. One 'breath" and my whole body gets hot… 10 breaths later…. I'm sweating so much😳… Also… A full moon makes me absolutely crave eggs!!!?
    I was in the closet "clearing space" the exact time you spoke of it.
    In my heart.

  12. Now is how, thank you Sevan. We appreciate your time. Your message brings so much healing. Your space is enough and more. From years ago I began listening, and just recently feel I can call myself a true student of the teacher you are. Thank you brother.

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