Prof. Robert Sapolsky – The Neuroscience Behind Behavior

Robert Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist and author. He is currently a professor of biology, and professor of neurology and neurological sciences …


  1. HA! It DID INDEED produce activism 10%+ of the 60's. In spite of pandemic we have protests worldwide. Activism at levels from White House to your house, all around the world.. (In response to final question 54:50 which must have been "What about Trump?)

  2. COMMENT: Wow! No comment; due to too much to think and rethink about. This no comment is intended as a complement. Thanking Prof. Robert Sapolsky for all his long hours of study and thought…

  3. I saw a same video where he said the same introduction, it's still amazing nonetheless. I binge watch this guy's lectures on standford's youtube channel. Good lord.

  4. Professor Sapolsky is one of the two most influential intellectuals of our time I enjoy listening to; the other is Terence McKenna. I would have loved to have the two debate — too bad Terence died so early in life! Need to research if any law journal articles have been published inquiring his physical explanation of the human biology. He could have a huge impact on our criminal law, just as Terence proposed! Then, there is always Professor Robert Lanza to debate as well. His theory of biocentrism is so realistic, especially combined with quantum entanglement. What would Sapolsky say to Lanza!!! Interesting thought . . . .If not, my next project!

  5. This is very much Jungian. Roberts fantasy of killing Hitler is him seeing how far he can go with his imagination can go with the violence. Roberts a savant when it comes to biology but he misses the way most violence begins with is a quest for purpose. Really violence begins with a spiritual crisis and it fulfills a need it becomes an obsession.

  6. Such a great speaker, slipped a "turd" and elegantly hops to "herd" without the slightest trip… I woulda gone to utter shit and have been in and out of hysterics for the following hour or so.

  7. Too bad he had to take a cheap shot at Trump at the end of his talk. Trump is the only president in the last 90 years who hasn't gotten us involved in a war! For as smart and articulate as he appears, he's just another libtard who, when it comes to politics, is blinded by his ideology.

  8. Studying "behavior" is always a study of others, never yourself. A person's "self-image" is the best place to start any study of behavior. Take the self-image of Prof. Sapolsky for instance: His beard is grey yet his hair has no grey in it. A safe assumption is that he dyes his hair! Why would he do that? Maybe to appear more youthful? (vanity, vanity?) Of course a "Professor" is expected to be a fount of wisdom from academic achievement and experience. Experience brings age with it. So, while having youthful looking hair, a grey beard gives the visual appearance of great experience. So he can have his cake and eat it too! When I was in High School in the mid-50s, any man with long girly-looking hair was assumed to be a homosexual, especially if he had a pony tail. I know, times change, and that "assumption" is no longer valid, but still, when I see a man with long hair, it still seems to be "unmanly" to me. We are all the products of our respective generations and we change with the times "somewhat"! Prof. Sapolsky looks in the mirror and sees what he wants to look like for his own reasons. There is less deviation of appearance among college girls, but the young men seem to go to great lengths to look weird. Long hair is common, whatever that means to them. You can tell a lot from people's self-image. To me, the tattoo freaks are massively insecure. They are screaming LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, with their tattoos. It's an extreme way to get attention, but that is their choice of a self-image! I hope you find something to disagree with here!

  9. Awesome Paradox when Professor Spalosky says in his book Behave page 4. " When you explain a behaviour with one of these disciplines you are implicitly envoking all of the disciplines".

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